Christ the King: Make the Most of this Feast in 7 Tips

This week, we celebrate the feast of Christ as King of the whole universe. Here are some facts about the Kingship of Christ. Contemplate one for each day of the week beginning with today.

  1. Christ is an Emperor

Realize that the enemies of Christ are losers. Christ is King of Kings. One who rules empires,  Rev 1: 5. This means that he is an Emperor of earthly, heavenly and cosmic proportions.

Anyone with power or authority, whether at the place of work or in any civilization is on borrowed power and authority, John 19:11. Therefore, do not be afraid of being a Christian in any place or in any civilization. Be obedient to the law – as long as it is not immoral – and after doing so, march on fearlessly. 

2. You are Royalty!

If God is King, then you – his son or daughter – are a prince or princess!  An extraordinary one for that matter because Christ’s Kingship is beyond time and space. This means your royal status is beyond what you could ever imagine, Eph 3: 20.

Let this thought rule your day and no one will be able to take away your joy. No matter what they say or do to you, your dignity as a royal child of God will always remain intact.

The only catch is, you must constantly obey the King, and act like him, Mt 5: 48. Afterall, a King cannot do much to protect a rebellious subject, John 14:15. If you have been rebellious, return to him with a contrite heart where you are now, and go to confession at your next opportunity, Zech 1:3.

3. The King is Here – Quietly 

Jesus’ Kingdom is here already although it is not visible or manifested (John 18: 33-37). Christ dwells amongst us as he promised, in our tabernacles and in his word. Christ’s quiet and barely-visible approach is a way of being patient with us and to not overwhelm us with his glory which our poor nature will not be able to handle otherwise (Ex.33:20). 

Help to bring visibility of Christ through your own body and action. Christ relies on you to give visibility to him and to his kingdom until he returns unhidden.

4. The King will Return – With Thunderous Sounds

But one day, the King will rise with a loud sound and not in silence, 1 Thess 4: 16. This will be the very end of the age –  of which we do not know the day or the hour Mt. 24:36. He will return in his glory as a marvelous King and everyone will bow down in allegiance – whether they like it or not. The Kingship of Christ is a fact that nothing can change. It is the truth, Phil 2: 10-11.

5. Everything Belongs to Christ the King

Christ is bigger than any amount of wealth we can think of on this earth. In the first place, all our possessions belong to God because everything created came first from his creative power, Ps 24: 1.

Use your wealth as a good steward would, Mt 25: 14-30. First, use it in thanksgiving but also use it with utmost generosity, Luke 21: 1-4. Give until it hurts, (Homily of JP2 at para 3). Give especially to those  people who cannot pay you back, Luke 14:12-14. There is nothing you give with good intent that Christ the King will not give back to you – both in this life and in the next, Mt. 19: 27-30.  

6. Your are on the Winner’s Side

As a practicing Christian, you have “bet on the right horse.” Christ has won over all evil. For now we are just waiting for the close of this age and Christ will come to take everything that he won through his death on the cross. The evil one knows that he is already condemned through the cross of Christ, so he is trying to bring others down with him, Mt 25: 41. Be careful not to be tempted and lured away by the evil one who wants to share his misery with you.  Rather, cast all your worries on Christ the King, tell him everything and because he cares for you, he will resolve your issues, in his time, 1 Peter 5: 7. Be patient, and wait on the King, Psalm 27:14.  Waiting is a good thing. Those who wait on God, find a lot of strength in their period of waiting, Isaiah 40:31.

7. Open the Gates!

Until he returns again in person, Christ the King comes to you in humble bread, the Holy Eucharist. He also comes to you through Scripture and the Holy Spirit when you pray. His presence is gentle. Christ the King is a gentleman and would only come to dwell in you if you want him to. If you want to receive him, open your heart to him – willingly and with rejoicing.

Imagine hosting the King of the universe in your being! Truly, we have such a marvelous treasure in a clay jar, 2 Corinthians: 4-7.


Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.  Psalm 24: 7

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