What Baby Jesus Wants for Christmas: 7 Simple Things

1. Restore Christmas  

Make your Christmas about Christ himself, the King of Kings.  Put a nativity scene in a prominent place in your home. Meditate briefly in front of it – even for a few moments – daily. Say Merry Christmas as often as possible (You may add, happy holidays too). Gift Christmas cards that include Christ. Listen to Christmas music which include Christ. 

Photo by Friar Sergio Serrano, OP on Pexels.com

2. Trust

Recognize the coming of Christ as the ultimate and total victory over evil. Consider that all types of darkness in this world are temporary – no matter how long they last; no matter what form they take: depression, illness – all of these are bound by time and will one day fade away. Live every day with supernatural eyes. Eyes that see the hidden Light that has come to this world. A Light that darkness cannot overcome (Jn 1: 5).

3. Joy

Adopt an attitude of joy that cannot easily be taken away from you by anyone or any circumstances. Link your joy to Christ’s unconditional love for you and not what others think of you. Hold on to the knowledge that you are a child of God even when things are tough: this is enough to be joyful always. Recognize that joy is not about being always giddy all the time but about the confidence you have in God.

4. Friendship

Be close to the baby Jesus. Read the Word of God ( Bible) daily this Christmas, particularly the Christmas narratives: (Mathew Ch 1 & 2; Luke Ch 1 & 2; ). Spend each day in the coming week mediating on one character of the Nativity Scene including the Shepherds and the Wise men. Go to the Sacraments to encounter him, particularly the Holy Eucharist. Go to Mass weekly (and daily if you can) and not only on Christmas day.

5. Purity

Purify your heart this Christmas by confessing your sins to God through the Sacrament of reconciliation or at least by an Act of Contrition. Tell baby Jesus that you are going to stop these sins which hurt him. 

6. Detachment

 Reduce your spending this Christmas. Limit your use of social media and spend time with people. Detach yourself from binging on videos, movies, series etc. Instead, watch something about the coming of our Lord. Ensure it is a good film about Christmas. One that respects our faith. To find good films that respect your faith in God, check out this streaming service called, Formed

7. Love

Take care of others this Christmas. Make donations to the food bank, donate your time at community events. Volunteer at soup kitchens. Greet the homeless and those who are alone such as older people.  Take time to reach out to your family members. Reconcile with those with whom you bear a grudge, even when it was not totally your fault. Patiently listen to family members – particularly those who others ignore. Spread the hidden Light of Christ by loving even those who do not love you back.

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