Leaving the Catholic Church: 10 Considerations

Here are some common reasons why people leave the Catholic Church and some reasons to stay, based on Christ’s teachings. The idea that religion is the thing of the past is mostly popular in relatively wealthy countries. Why are poorer countries still entering the Church? The answer is not because they are too poor toContinue reading “Leaving the Catholic Church: 10 Considerations”

Make the Most of November: 7 Tips

November is the month in which the Church historically celebrates all Saints (Canonized or not) and remembers all Souls who have departed this world. In particular, we remember and pray for Souls in purgatory,* who are waiting with deep (and painful) yearning to complete their purification so they can enter heaven. Here are some waysContinue reading “Make the Most of November: 7 Tips”

Abortion: Forgiveness & Other (Often-Ignored) Points in the Debate

Guided by Christ, the Catholic Church is pro-life. In other words, the Church does not support abortion.  However, in the often-heated debate on this topic, here are some points that are often missed and which Catholic Christians should try to highlight with compassion:  love, mercy, prayer and concrete support We must preach about the mercyContinue reading “Abortion: Forgiveness & Other (Often-Ignored) Points in the Debate”

7 Things About St Joseph, The Foster Father of Jesus

The year 2021 is the Year of St. Joseph. Here are some things that stand out about this Holy man.  There is evidence from the genealogy of Jesus that St. Joseph himself was adopted. This shows that St. Joseph likely understood how to welcome Jesus as his adopted son. We learn that God permits certainContinue reading “7 Things About St Joseph, The Foster Father of Jesus”

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8 Christian Responses to Racism

1. Ask yourself: Is this a situation that the law can help? It is important to know whether the discrimination at issue is one where the law normally protects you.  For instance, a refusal to admit you into a particular school based solely on your race or ethnicity in a country where discrimination based onContinue reading “8 Christian Responses to Racism”

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3 Good Things from Vatican II

By Constance Yasere The second Vatican Council led to many reforms in the Catholic Church. One of the most talked about reforms was the changing of the language of the Mass from Latin to the vernacular. Here, I list five reasons why this decision was indeed of the Holy Spirit and some considerations for CatholicsContinue reading “3 Good Things from Vatican II”

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