Advent: 4 Weeks to a New You*

This Advent, take the following steps to fully prepare for the feast of the coming of Christ: Christmas as well as his coming at the end of time. Slow Down:   Stop and think about Christ a few times a day. Perhaps while you stop at the traffic light. Avoid being taken up by shoppingContinue reading “Advent: 4 Weeks to a New You*”

Deep into the Feast of the Immaculate Conception: 5 Easy Steps

Mary the mother of Jesus is the Immaculate Conception. She is called the Immaculate Conception because Jesus renewed creation by reinstating himself as the new Adam and Mary as the new Eve. To be better than the original Adam and Eve, they both had to be without sin and obedient to God – from theContinue reading “Deep into the Feast of the Immaculate Conception: 5 Easy Steps”

Christ the King: Make the Most of this Feast in 7 Tips

This week, we celebrate the feast of Christ as King of the whole universe. Here are some facts about the Kingship of Christ. Contemplate one for each day of the week beginning with today. Christ is an Emperor Realize that the enemies of Christ are losers. Christ is King of Kings. One who rules empires,Continue reading “Christ the King: Make the Most of this Feast in 7 Tips”

Make the Most of November: 7 Tips

November is the month in which the Church historically celebrates all Saints (Canonized or not) and remembers all Souls who have departed this world. In particular, we remember and pray for Souls in purgatory,* who are waiting with deep (and painful) yearning to complete their purification so they can enter heaven. Here are some waysContinue reading “Make the Most of November: 7 Tips”

Be Salt, Yeast & Light at Work: 6 Tips

When we go to work, we have a great opportunity to build the Kingdom of God in various domains: (See Lumen Gentium, para. 31). This is because Christians are like salt in food or yeast hidden in dough, creating a difference that can be seen, felt and even tasted: John 3: 8.  Jesus also calledContinue reading “Be Salt, Yeast & Light at Work: 6 Tips”

On Suffering: Lessons from Simon of Cyrene

It Can Happen to Innocent People Simon of Cyrene was unexpectedly forced to help Jesus carry the cross (Luke 23: 26). This shows us that suffering can seem to appear from nowhere and that it can afflict people who are apparently innocent bystanders (Luke 13: 1-5).  We learn that suffering, in many ways, is aContinue reading “On Suffering: Lessons from Simon of Cyrene”

‘I am A Good Person’: 5 Reasons Why this Common Declaration Falls Short

It is not uncommon for us to say or hear someone declare that I am a good person. While the intent behind the statement may be good, here are some reasons why it falls short of being a good thing to say: 1.            How Are You Sure You Are Good?Continue reading “‘I am A Good Person’: 5 Reasons Why this Common Declaration Falls Short”

What Are You Thinking? Make Your Thoughts More Acceptable to God with These Insights

Your Thoughts include your memory and imagination. Here are things to note and to do, to improve the acceptability of your thoughts in the sight of God.  Be Aware that Your Thoughts Are Audible to God Our thoughts may be hidden from others most of the time. However, God can hear them clearly. Therefore, whenContinue reading “What Are You Thinking? Make Your Thoughts More Acceptable to God with These Insights”

10 Things to Do to Grow in Prudence

  Prudence can be defined as the virtue that enables us to discern what our true good is, in all circumstances, and to choose the right means to achieve it. Accept Your Limits Own and accept your ignorance on certain matters. We do not and cannot know everything, no matter how intelligent we are. WhenContinue reading “10 Things to Do to Grow in Prudence”

7 Things About St Joseph, The Foster Father of Jesus

The year 2021 is the Year of St. Joseph. Here are some things that stand out about this Holy man.  He was likely adopted himself* There is evidence from the genealogy of Jesus that St. Joseph himself was adopted. This shows that St. Joseph likely understood how to welcome Jesus as his adopted son. WeContinue reading “7 Things About St Joseph, The Foster Father of Jesus”