What Baby Jesus Wants for Christmas: 7 Simple Things

1. Restore Christmas   Make your Christmas about Christ himself, the King of Kings.  Put a nativity scene in a prominent place in your home. Meditate briefly in front of it – even for a few moments – daily. Say Merry Christmas as often as possible (You may add, happy holidays too). Gift Christmas cardsContinue reading “What Baby Jesus Wants for Christmas: 7 Simple Things”

Advent: 4 Weeks to a New You*

This Advent, take the following steps to fully prepare for the feast of the coming of Christ: Christmas as well as his coming at the end of time. Slow Down:   Stop and think about Christ a few times a day. Perhaps while you stop at the traffic light. Avoid being taken up by shoppingContinue reading “Advent: 4 Weeks to a New You*”

Christ the King: Make the Most of this Feast in 7 Tips

This week, we celebrate the feast of Christ as King of the whole universe. Here are some facts about the Kingship of Christ. Contemplate one for each day of the week beginning with today. Christ is an Emperor Realize that the enemies of Christ are losers. Christ is King of Kings. One who rules empires,Continue reading “Christ the King: Make the Most of this Feast in 7 Tips”